Urban Platter Yogurt Powder, 1Kg [HoReCa pack]


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Urban Platter Yogurt Powder, 1Kg [HoReCa pack]

  • Curd Powder is a cream coloured, free-flowing powder that has a mild, salty flavour. It can be used as an alternative to liquid curd in most recipes. This product delivers the same flavour as liquid curd while being less expensive, having greater functionality, and providing a longer shelf life. It is used to deliver nutrition and flavour to the finished product. This product is used in the production of ice cream, frozen desserts, soups, savoury snacks, instant food products, and seasonings.
  • Curd Powder is obtained by curdling (coagulating) milk with rennet or edible acidic substances such as lemon juice or vinegar and then draining the liquid portion. The increased acidity causes the milk proteins (casein) to tangle into solid masses or curds. The remaining liquid, which contains only whey proteins, is the whey. In cow’s milk, 80% of the proteins are casein’s.
  • The product may be used in applications such as cottage cheese, and quark. The word “curd” is widely used to refer to what is known as “yoghurt”, but it appears to be a misnomer in the opinion of many. Its usages are soups, sauces, dry mixes and seasonings.

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